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Improved Parametric Blind Super-resolution Image Restoration


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Improved Parametric Blind Super-resolution Image Restoration
YUAN X iao-hua1 2 GAO X iu-m ei3 XIA Q -i y ing4 X IA De-shen1
1. Schoo l of Computer Science and Techno logy, NUST, N anjing 210094, China; 2. Ag ricultural Informat ion Eng ineering and Techno logy C enter, ShanghaiA cademy of Agricu ltural Sc iences, Shanghai 201106, Ch ina; 3. Department o fC ompu ter Science, Huaiyin Teachers Co llege, Hua ian 223001, China; 4. Department of Chem istry, L iny iNormalUn iversity, L iny i 276005, China
b lind super-reso lution image resto ration a lternative optim ization Neum ann boundary preconditioner boundary modification
TP 391. 41
To improve the boundary condition processing, the regu larizat ion processing, and the b lurring parameter est imation of parametric blind super-reso lution image resto ration, an a lternative iteration optim ization is used to estimate the im age b lurring and high-reso lution image. The neumann boundary cond ition and the boundary p ixe lmodifica tion of the low er-reso lu tion image are adopted to avo id the boundary errors. In so lving the high-reso lut ion image, them atrixes close to the reordered system matrix and w ith spec ia l structures are used to make the precond it ioner in the precond it ioned conjugate gradient a lgorithm. The test results using the synthetic low-reso lut ion sequences are presented to show the validation o f the proposed improvements.


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