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Biotreatment of Mix Gas Including Hydrogen Sulfide and Phenylacetic Acid by Using Bio-trickling Filter


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Biotreatment of Mix Gas Including Hydrogen Sulfide and Phenylacetic Acid by Using Bio-trickling Filter
ZHANG Lan-he1 X IEW e-im in WANG Qun-hu i1 T IAN Shu- le i1 JIAO Zhong-zhi1 2
1. School ofMunic ipal and Env ironmenta lEngineering, H arb in Institute of Technology, Harbin 150090, China; 2. Department of L inyi Construct ion, L inyi 276000, China
bio-tr ick ling filter pheny lacetic ac id hydrogen sulfide carriers
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The b io-trickling filter packed w ith ZX03 carrier is used to treatm ix pharmaceut ical gases containingH2 S and C6H5CH2COOH. The remova l efficiency of H2 S and C6H5CH2COOH at various in let concentration rat ios, the pressure drop of the bioreactor at d ifferent gas flow rates and the effect of the gas retention t ime on remova l efficiency are investigated in the experimen.t The resu lts show that the removal efficiency ofH2S remains above 95% regardless of the ratio ofH2 S /C6H5CH2COOH and the remova l efficiency o fC6H5CH2COOH decreases graduallyw ith the elevation of inlet concentrat ion ratio o fH2 S /C6H5CH2COOH. When the in let concentrat ion of H2 S and C6H5CH2COOH is respectively less than 400mg /m3 and 800mg /m3, the optima lgas retention time is 30 s. The b io-trickling filter is not jammed and the resistance is maintained at low va lue during the operat ion. It doesn't need to carry out back w ash ing frequent ly and can be operated steadily for long time.


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