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Effects of Temperature and pH on Expression of Virulence Factors from Aeromonas Hydrophila


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Effects of Temperature and pH on Expression of Virulence Factors from Aeromonas Hydrophila
HU Jing~1LI Ai-hua~2HU Cheng-yu~1ZHU Da-ling~2CAI Tao-zhen~2WANG Jian-guo~2SI Ya-dong~2
1.College of Life Science,Nanchang University,Nanchang 330047,China;2.Institute of Hydrobiology,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Wuhan 430072,China
Aeromonas hydrophila v irulence gene temperature pH expression
S 941, Q 78
The effects o f temperature and pH on the expression of four viru lence factors: hemo lysin (AHH ) , aero lysin ( A erA ) , outer membrane proteins ( OMP) and adhesion ( Aha) , from A eromonas hydroph ila and on its pathogen icity are stud ied. The results show that the expression of these v iru lence factors from A. hydrophila is affected by temperature and pH in themedia. A ll four v irulence factors are h ighly expressed in A. hydrophila w hen be ing g rown at 15 e , 25 e and 37 e determ ined by RT-PCR. A t 4 e , both AHH and AerA are still expressed, but neitherOMP no rAha w as. A ll four v irulence facto rs tested here are expressed in bacteria l ce lls when being g rown at pH 5. 0 and pH 7. 0. On ly AHH expression is detected at pH 9. 0. These resu lts are supported by the resu lts from the challenge experimentsw ith crucian carp. In add ition, the study show s that the pathogen icity of the bacter ia is affected by the body temperature of fish.


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