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Lacunaris Elastic Plane Bending and Torsion Stress Concentration Problem


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Lacunaris Elastic Plane Bending and Torsion Stress Concentration Problem
QU Yan-zheGAI Bing-zhengWU Jia
1.School of Astronautics;2.School of Material Science and Engineering,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150001,China
elast ic p lates bend ing stress concentration
Based on the complex variable function theory o f elastic mechanics, using mu ltiple confo rmalm apping change to get the expression o fmult ip le comp lex variab le stress function about inf-i n ite e last ic p lane bending and torsion problem w ith arbitrary ho les. Fourier series on every boundary are ex tended, the unknow n coefficients are confirmed by undeterm ined coeffic ients method, and the stress field of e last ic plane is computed. Taking arb itrary circle ho les in infinite p lane as an examp le, this paper g ives the influenc ing effects of the ho le d istance in the cond ition o f every load on stress concentration and the bending moment distribution maps around ho les. The result proves this method is effective to analyze lacunaris e lastic plane bending or torsion problems.


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