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Optimization Research of Power Train’s Mounting System of Truck


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Optimization Research of Power Train’s Mounting System of Truck
WANG Xian-huiLI Shou-chengCHENG LiangXU Bin
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
trucks pow er train mount ing vibration simu lation optim ization
To reduce the pow er tra in. s mounting v ibrat ion of truck N J1038, and to improve the driv ing comfor,t the ang les of elastic bearing and mount ing stiffness are considered, and themoun-t ing of pow er tra in is opt im ized. Pow er tra in. s mass, inertial and geometric parameters are measured. Themode l ofV-typemount ing by four points is optim ized. The so ftw areADAMS is applied for simulation ana lysis. Regarding fron t and rear carrier as a flex ib le body, this paper authent ica lly simu lates the v ibra tion o f pow er train. smounting system. Experim ents prove that the opt im ization effect ive ly reduces the v ibration transferred from mounting system to chassis frame, the amplitudes o f ma in measured po ints decreases by 40% and the v ibration transm ission rate o f eachmounting cushion decreases by 30% .


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