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Handover Strategy for Multimedia in LEO Satellite Network


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Handover Strategy for Multimedia in LEO Satellite Network
CHEN Bing-caiZHANG Nai-tongZHOU Ting-xian
Communications Research Center,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150001,China
LEO satellite netwo rk handovermanagement Doppler effect multimed ia handover
A im ing at the application o fmultimedia in LEO netw ork, a handovermanagement algorithm based on dynam icDoppler is analyzed, w hich uses the Dopp ler effect and the geometry of sa-t ellites to obtain the t ime and position o f the handover. Th is algorithm and mob ility mode l are improved in order to prov ide an e ff icient handover strategy based on pred iction o f handover. Based on a tradeo ff o f the b lock ing and forced term ination probab ilities, three d ifferent handover criteria are proposed fo r the appropriate selection of the serv icing satellite. E ach criterion can be app lied e ither to new or handover calls, therefore n ine d ifferen t comb inations of handover cr iterion are investigated in th is paper. Fina lly, w ith an example of Teledesic-like system , the improved algo rithm and the handover strategy are eva luated and the results ind icate that the a lgorithm is effective.


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