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Blind Recognition Algorithm of TT&C Signals of Satellite Based on Wavelet Analysis


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Blind Recognition Algorithm of TT&C Signals of Satellite Based on Wavelet Analysis
WANG LeGU Xue-maiWANG Yong-jian
Communications Research Center,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150001,China
w ave let analysis sub-carriers b lind recognition
A b lind sub-carrier recogn it ion algorithm of TT&C ( telemetry, track ing and command) communication is proposed based on thew ave let ana lysis in terms o f recogn it ion o fTT&C signa ls for m ilitary TT&C commun icat ion information scou.t Firs,t the proposed algorithm deno ises the m ixedsigna ls based on the theory o f w avelet mult-i reso lut ion ana lysis. And then zero-part ition is put forw ard to make sure the number o f sub-carriers. Fina lly, the adaptive thresho ld identificat ion algorithm is designed to iden tify the frequency cu-t o ff po ints of every sub-carrier. The simu lation results show that the recogn ition precision o f the proposed sub-carrier recogn ition algo rithm is 95% and the algorithm is of stronger ant-i noise-interference ability.


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