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Hybrid ARQ Using Turbo Codes in Deep Space Communication


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Hybrid ARQ Using Turbo Codes in Deep Space Communication
ZHANG Jia-yanZHOU Ting-xian
Communications Research Center,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150001,China
hybrid ARQ deep space communication image compression throughputs
Turbo codes recommended by the Consultative Comm ittee for Space Data System s( CCSDS) can correct errors in transm itt ing in format ion in deep space commun ication. Th is paper proposes a hybrid ARQ method for improving effic iency o fTurbo codes recommended by CCSDS correcting error of transm itting image compression data. These data are from d iscretew avelet transform( DWT) of image. The w ay has v irtue of different hybrid ARQ and effective ly makes use o f recommended Turbo codes by CCSDS based on d ifferent importance o f data byDWT. The simu lations on FER and the throughput of hybrid ARQ show s that thew ay not onlym eets the demand o f correcting errors bu t also improves efficiency because of the characteristics o f deep space communication.


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