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Ontology and Its Composition Oriented to Semantic Web Service


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Ontology and Its Composition Oriented to Semantic Web Service
ZHU Jun-wu1 3 WANG Jian-dong1 L I Bin2 3
1. Co llege of Information Science and Techno logy, Nan jing Un iversity of Aeronautics and Astronaut ics, N anjing 210016, China; 2. State Key Laboratory forNovel Software Technology, N anjing University, N anjing 210093, China; 3. Institu te of Info rmation Techno logy, Y angzhou U niversity, Y angzhou 225009, China
W eb serv ices onto logy semant ics
In order to so lve the absence of semantics that causes a central d ifficulty of autom atic select ion and comb ination ofWeb serv ices, th is paper presents a semant ic w eb serv ice architecture SOA-2 based on onto logy. In th is architecture, a w eb serv ice onto logy is def ined, and QoS and context can be embedded and transferred in SOAP messages. Three adapters of concepts, ro les and ind ividua ls are designed to imp lem ent the combinat ion o f d istributed onto log ies. Comparingw ith ex is-t ing methods, th isW eb serv ice onto logy considersQ oS and contex t synthetica lly to satisfy the requirements o f serv ice se lection and combinat ion automatically, and the method o f d istributed onto log ies comb ination based on these adapters are g iven.


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