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Objective Evaluation Method of Significance of Nodes and Links in Communication Network


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Objective Evaluation Method of Significance of Nodes and Links in Communication Network
DAI Fu-sheng
Weihai Campus,Harbin Institute of Technology,Weihai 264209,China
commun icat ion netwo rk reliab ility route algor ithm sw itch ing node communication capac ity
In order to evaluate the sign ificance of each node and link o f a communication netwo rk comprehensively and objectively, this paper introduces the concept o f norma lized re liab ility index w e ighted by capac ity. The index is defined based on thewho le and part of a communication respect ive.l One is the no rmalized reliab ility index w eighted by the total capacity of reliability betw een all the nodes o f a netw ork and the o ther is the norm alized reliab ility index w eighted by themax imum capacity betw een tw o designated nodes. The log ic algebraic a lgorithm of ach iev ing all the routes o f the netw ork is studied, and the tota l algebra ic a lgorithm o f re liability index is derived, wh ich is fit to design program s and avo ids the heavymanual calcu lation. Tak ing the effect degree on the re liability index of the node and link invalidation as the eva luating rule, the ob jective evaluation of the sign if-i cance of nodes and links is rea lized through align ing it in order. The re liability index of a commun-cat ion netw ork w ith typ ica l topo logy structure is calcu lated in detail and the ordering resu lt o f the sign if icance o f nodes and links is obta ined from the who le and part of the netw ork respective ly.


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