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Chemical Modification of Carbon Black Surface and Its Dispersibility in Water


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Chemical Modification of Carbon Black Surface and Its Dispersibility in Water
ZHAO JunXU Fu-mingZHOU Wei-liangZOU Wei
School of Chemical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
carbon black surface chem ica lmod ification d ispersible stab ility
By means of the h igh react iv ity betw een hydroxym ethy l groups and the active hydrogen o f p-phenol su lfonic ac id ( p-PS) and the o ligomer o f p-PS and fo rma ldehyde ( SPF), hydroxymethy-l ized carbon black w as further reacted w ith p-PS and SPF. The effects o f the react ion time and the solvent on the gra ft ing y ield are investigated, and amodified carbon black w ith 13% grafting y ie ld is obta ined after reacting 3 hours in methano l and w ater so lvent w ith ca tslyst at 90e . The grafted and ungrafted carbon black are characterized by FTIR spectrum and TEM. D eposition experiments show that the unmod ified carbon b lack in suspension sed imentates in 5m in. The ultrav io le t transm ittance of p-PS carbon b lack /w ater suspension increases from 1. 5% to 11. 4% and that o f carbon b lack grafted w ith 13% SPF increases from 43. 4% to 64. 8% after 15 days. deposition. The resu lts show that the d ispersible stab ility of the mod ified carbon in w ater is greatly improved.


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