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New Analysis of Irreversible Thermodynamic Cycle for Heat Engine


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New Analysis of Irreversible Thermodynamic Cycle for Heat Engine
ZI Kun 1YANG Xiu-qi 2
1.Automotive Department,Niogbo College,Ningbo 315012,China2.Automotive Engineering College,Shanghai University of Engineering Science,Shanghai 200336,China
thermodynam ic cycle finite time thermodynam ics irreversibility factors heat engines
Based on the analysis of the real engine. sworking process, a new model of irreversible thermal cycle for heat engine isproposed by using the finite time thermodynam ics. The therm al pow- er and efficiency of the heat engine and their relationship are induced, computed and discussed ac- cording to themode.l Themodels of the internal reversible thermodynam ic cycle and the irreversible thermodynam ic cycle taking consideration of the irreversible factors such as friction, heat leak and internal energy consum ing, etc. , are included. The changing regularity curves of power-efficiency property of heat engines obtained by themodel are consistent w ith those of the real heat engines in experiments andw ith real engine. sworking process. The results show that the proposedmodel can embody the realwork processing of heat engines and have more generality.


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