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Security Policy of Network Messages Based on SOAP


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Security Policy of Network Messages Based on SOAP
ZHANG Gong-xuanSONG BinWANG Ping-li
School of Computer Science and Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
W eb services message passing secure communication simple object access protocol
SOAP ( Simple object access protocal) / XML ( Extensible markup language) that con- tainsmany sel-f defined tags can be transferred over different platform s and leads to sccurity problems inW eb services. In order to solve the problem, a secure model of SOAP is presented by use of SOAP header, and a SOAP secure kit is developed for implementation of the model. s functions. A controller ofWeb services is introduced for perm issions. Som e requestsw ithout perm ission are can- celledw ith the controller. W ith secure extension and access control of SOAP messages, web services are of robusticity and their framework is enhanced.


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