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Optimization Design of Dual-feed Circular Polarization Patch Antenna Based on Feeding Correction


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Optimization Design of Dual-feed Circular Polarization Patch Antenna Based on Feeding Correction
WANG HaoLU YongFANG Da-gang
Millimeter Wave Technique Laboratory,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
m icrostrip antenna circular polarization dual feed optim ization design
This paper presents a feeding correctionmethod to improve the performance of the circu- lar antenna. Thismethod is realized by adding simple tuning stubs to change the relative distribu- tions ofmagnitudes and phases at two feeding points and to compensate the effects of radiation from higher-ordermodes and feeding network. The fullwave integrated method is used in the optim iza- tion. A w ideband circularly polarized patch antenna is designed, manufactured and tested in the X band. The experimental results show that the frequency bandw idth is 22. 4% for a 3-dB axial ratio criterion and is 33. 85% for aVSWR< 2 criterion at the central frequency 10 GHz. Comparedw ith the results before correction, the bandw idth of the axial ratio increases from 16. 2% to 22. 4% .


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