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3-D Map Reconstruction in Cross-country Environment


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3-D Map Reconstruction in Cross-country Environment
YU Chun-he12LIU Ji-lin2
1.Department of Electronic Engineering,Shenyang Institute of Aeronautical Engineering,Shenyang 110136,China;2.College of Information Science and Engineering,Zhejiang University,Hangzhou 310027,China
mob ile robots four-layer laser radars ( LD_ML) cross-country env ironment map reconstruct ion
In order to build a prec ise 3-D map o f outdoor env ironmen,t a nove lmap reconstruction a-l gorithm is proposed based on amob ile robo.t The robot uses a four-layer laser radar ( LD-ML) to obtain space informat ion and uses a DGPS / INS ( D ifference GPS / Inertia lNav igat ion System ) posit ion system to obta in its pose and position informat ion. W ith the aim o f building a comp lete 3-D gridmap, the range data of env ironment are changed into aw orld coordinate system w ith the simultaneous pos-i t ion data o f the robo.t Since the outdoor environment is a lw ays complicated, the 3-D gridmap is built by updating z-coordinate value using obstacle detection results. And the obstacle detection is ach ieved by LD-ML according to the gradient and he ight information of detect ion reg ions. The results of 3-D grip map reconstruct ion show the 3-D map reconstruction a lgorithm is re liab le and stable.


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