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Investigation on Static Calibration for Parallel Balance


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Investigation on Static Calibration for Parallel Balance
YAO Yu1WU Hong-tao2ZHANG Zhao-ming1
1.College of Aerospace Engineering;2.College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering,Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,Nanjing 210016,China;
para lle l balance static calibrat ion least square solution performance indexes
A stat icm athematicalmode l for the parallel balance calibrat ion is developed. The conclusion that the force Jacob ian ca libration is to so lve least square solution of overdeterm ined linear equat ions. The orthogonal load is chosen by using the perturbat ion theory o f the m inima l norm-solution during static calibra tion. A simple and e ffect ive ca librat ion equipm ent is designed and built to simulate application o f the forces andmoments exerted on the testmode.l A pply ing the sing le-componen t calibrat ion and mu lt-i component calibrat ion, som e important perfo rmance indexes such as accuracy, prec ision, linear ity and resolution are calibrated. The experimenta l resu lts ind icate that the designed ba lance is successful.


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