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Solution for Optimal Control of Distributed Parameter Systems Based on Laguerre Polynomial


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Solution for Optimal Control of Distributed Parameter Systems Based on Laguerre Polynomial
DONG Xue-ping12XU Ben-lian1WANG Zhi-quan1
1.School of Automation,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.Institute of Automation,Hefei University of Technology,Hefei 230009,China
distributed param eter system s optima l control Laguerre po lynom ial orthogonal po lynom ial
The opt imal contro l approx imat ion a lgorithm for distributed parameter systems ( DPS) is discussed. Some conclusions are m ade from the orthogonal property and the integrated operational matrix of Laguerre po lynom ia.l The integ ral perfo rmance index o f the opt imal contro l of the systems is changed into a correspond ing algebraic fo rm by these conclusions, and the optima l con tro lproblem of a class o fDPS is transformed into a sim ilar a lgebra ic prob lem. The search ing procedure is presented. The proposed method simplifies the procedure o f so lv ing optim al contro l prob lem s o f DPS and the distributed parameter property of optim al contro l and state is ma inta ined. The approx imation effect is ana lyzed w ith theo ry and comparison. Simu lation resu lts show the effectiveness of the proposedmethod.


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