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Experimental Data Handling on Range Deviation of the First Round


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Experimental Data Handling on Range Deviation of the First Round
PENG Zhi-guo1ZHOU Yan-huang1ZHAO Sen2
1.School of Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.Weapon System Engineering Department,Artillery Command Academy,Xuanhua 075100,China
first round range dev iation parameter checkout
For the sake o f clarify ing the in fluence o f firs-t round pro jectile dev iat ion on firing prec-i sion, this paper checks outm athematic expectat ion and variance on the range dev iation of first round acco rd ing to the experimental data and the parameter detectionm ethods. This paper a lso detects or-i entat ion about one gun in firing process. U sing the detection resu lts, the paper draw s the conclusion that the system error is the main reason for the range dev iation o f the first round and the subsequen t round shoo ting test show s no orientation. Som e suggestions are brought forw ard.


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