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Polygon Meshless Method:A New Meshless Method Based on MLPG Approach


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Polygon Meshless Method:A New Meshless Method Based on MLPG Approach
GUO Feng1ZHAO Wei-min2LI Gui-xian1
1.School of Mechatronics Engineering,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150001,China;2.School of Machinery Science and Engineering,Daqing Petroleum Institue,Daqing 163001,China
mesh less methods po lygon meshless method improved PU function
In o rder to decrease the computat iona l cost o fm eshlessmethod, th is paper presents a new MLPG method) Po lygon Mesh less method ( PMLPG) . Th is me thod uses improved PU function as shape function, w hich can make the trail function sat isfy the essent ial boundary cond it ion prev iously. Local doma in is a po lygon area, the center o fw hich is a node, and its vertexes align w ith the ne ighbor nodes. So, the overlap of integer dom ain is less, w h ich increases the computationa l eff-i ciency. A ne ighbor nodes database is created, wh ich can improve the neighbo r nodes searching speed. Compared w ith the tradit iona lMLPG m ehtod, PMLPG is more applicable and efficien.t The num er ical examples prove that PMLPG is an app licable and accurate meshlessm ethod.


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