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Wavelet Interpolation Algorithm Based on Unbalanced Coefficient


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Wavelet Interpolation Algorithm Based on Unbalanced Coefficient
PU Li1LIU Yu-shu1JIN Wei-qi2
1.School of Computer Science and Technology;2.School of Information Science and Technology,Beijing Institute of Technology,Beijing 100081,China
image restorat ion super-resolution w ave let interpo lation b ilinear interpolat ion
To acquire image w ith h igher reso lution w ithout chang ing the hardw are, b ilinear interpolation and w avelet in terpolat ion algorithm is analyzed. A new unbalanced coefficient wavelet interpolation a lgorithm is proposed. The amp litude of different h igh frequency channe ls of w ave let is reduced and app lied w ith d ifferent lim it coeffic ients, and better interpo lation images w ith h igh reso lut ion are obtained. The experim ents prove th is a lgorithm can improve the capab ility of getting higher resolution im age and it is also an effect ive a lgorithm for in frared image. In experiment the PSNR is improved by 0. 5 dB compared w ith the b ilinear interpo la tion algor ithm. Th is algorithm is o f low er calculat ion comp lex ity and high ca lculat ion speed.


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