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Passive Millimeter-wave Image Super-resolution Restoration Based on Projection onto Convex Sets


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Passive Millimeter-wave Image Super-resolution Restoration Based on Projection onto Convex Sets
XIAO Ze-longXU Jian-zhongPENG Shu-shengJI Ru-ting
School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectric Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
passivem illimeter-w ave super-reso lution image restoration pro jection onto convex sets
In order to improve the resolution o f image acqu ired by passive m illimeter-wave ( PMMW ) rad iom eter, a pro jection onto convex se ts ( POCS) approach to PMMW image super-resolution restoration is presented. The factors that cause the image o f the PMMW imag ing system to be blurred are analyzed, and the PMMW imag ing model is set up. Comb in ing w ith the principle o f the POCS algorithm, th is paper adopts the priori statistica lknow ledge of the system no ise as a restrict cond ition and d iscusses the imp lem entation of the POCS algorithm applied in the super-reso lu tion restorat ion o f PMMW im ages. The flow chart o f the algorithm is also presented. The simulat ion results demonstrate that the POCS approach for PMMW image resto ration can get better results compared w ith the b ilinear- interpo lation algor ithm. The effic ient imp lem entat ion o f this algorithm proves that it is su itable for the applicat ion of passivem illimeter-w ave image restora tion.


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