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Robust Image Mosaicing by Corner Matching


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Robust Image Mosaicing by Corner Matching
LI Zhong-xin1MAO Yao-bin2WANG Zhi-quan2
1.School of Mechanical Engineering;2.School of Automation,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
imagemosaic ing corner detection cornermatch ing random sample consesus algorithm
A robust imagemosaicingmethod is put forw ard to construct panoram ic image. Themethod uses Harris corner detector to ex tract corner-po ints for each image. A norma lized cross correlat ion method is used to coarselymatch corner-pairs betw een image pairs. Due to the ex istence of the outl-i ers, direct use of least square a lgorithm w ou ld lead to the inaccurate parameter est imation o f the transformationmodel that is required in image reg istration. To so lve the problem, theRandom Sample Consensus ( RANSAC) algorithm is introduced to est imate the transformat ionmodel parameters, wh ich is able to elim inate the outliers and to obta in exact co rner-pa irs. A ccording to the aforement ioned steps, thew ho le process of the imagemosa icing is automatica lly accomplished. Some rea l images are subject to corner detection, reg istration and fina lmosaic ing, wh ich results in an excellent outcome


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