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ACO-based Routing Algorithm for LEO Satellite Network


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ACO-based Routing Algorithm for LEO Satellite Network
WANG PingGU Xue-mai
Communications Research Center,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150001,China
low earth orbit satellite network routing algorithm quality of serv ice ant colony optmi ization
Based on tun ing arch itecture of an t co lony optim izat ion ( ACO ) and updat ing strategy o f pheromone, the paper proposes a routing a lgorithm w ith mu lt-iQua lity of Serv ice constra int cond-i t ions fo r LEO sate llite netw ork, to so lve the rout ing problem of dynam ic topo logy over LEO ( low earth orb it) sate llite netw orks. The routing algo rithm is capable o f adjusting current optim ization path, balancing the netw ork load, avo id ing ne tw ork congestion, and ach iev ing optim ization comb ined w ithmu lt-iQ oS in time according to change of traffic. s d istribut ion. The resu lts show tha t in the nearly full load o f the netw ork the routing algorithm guaranteedsQoS o f traffic andmakes full use of netw ork resources.


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