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Communication Model of Anycast Service in IPv6


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Communication Model of Anycast Service in IPv6
WANG Xiao-nan12QIAN Huan-yan1
1.School of Computer Science and Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.Software Engineering Department,Changshu Institute of Technology,Changshu 215500,China
anycast unicast router to ta l response time
A t the present time, there ex ist two k inds o f designs for imp lemen ting Anycast serv ice: one is bu ilt on IP layer, the other on application layer, but they are both confron ted w ith some problem s, such as sca lability. To so lve the ex isting problems a new k ind ofAnycast commun icationmodel is proposed in this paper. This Anycast communicationmode l ut ilizes DNS layered domain name techno logy and adopts TRT and RTT of netw ork serv ice provided byAnycast servers as the measure units. Th is communicationmode l not only solves Anycast sca lab ility but also a llow s Anycast members to freely leave and jo in Anycast group. In addition, th ismodel a lso accomplishes the distributed ma intenance and transaction o fAnycastmembers. informat ion to achieve the load balance and it is ab le to support the large-sca leAnycast group. The experimental data of implement ing th is model in IPv6 emulat ion env ironm ent argue that th is model is feasib le and efficient.


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