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Anonymous Appraisal Protocol


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Anonymous Appraisal Protocol
WU Ke-li1ZHU Bao-ping2WU Bin1LIU Feng-yu2
1.Department of Computer Science,Huaiyin Teachers College,Huaian 223300,China;2.School of Computer Science and Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
anonymous appra isal mult-i signaturew ith messagemodifiable group signature b ilinearm aps
Based on bilinearmaps, a scheme o fmu lt-i signature w ithmessagemodifiable is constructed. This paper proposes an anonymous appraisal protoco l using themult-i signature and group signature. The security ana lysis of the protocol show s that it has a good anonym ity and capab ility of coal-i t ion-resistance. The protoco l can be app lied to m any fields such as e lectronic commerce and electron ic government.


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