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Robust Estimation Based Hybrid Variational Model for Image Restoration and Application


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Robust Estimation Based Hybrid Variational Model for Image Restoration and Application
XIAO Liang1WU Hui-Zhong1WEI Zhi-Hui2
1.School of Computer Science and Technology;2.School of Sciences,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
im age restoration max imum a posteriori robust estim ation variat iona lmethod part ial differential equations
The connection betw een a class o f variational functionalmode ls and Bayesianmethod for image restorat ion is established from the v iewpoint ofmax imum a posteriori (MAP) estim ation. Assum ing that the gradient o f images is amember o fE-contam inated norm al distribution, a least favo rab le distribution comb in ing a quadratic w ith a linear function is derived, then a hybrid mode l in the form of tota l variational integra l and D irichlet integral is proposed. The ex istence of the variational problem is discussed and aw e igh ted grad ient descent flow for image deno ising w ith an iterative algorithm is also deve loped. Exper imenta l resu lts show that our model has good performance in image restoration.


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