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Group of EKF Based on First-range Partition for Bearings-only Target Tracking


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Group of EKF Based on First-range Partition for Bearings-only Target Tracking
XU Zhi-gang12SHENG An-dong2
1.Department of Mathematics,Huaihai Institute of Technology,Lianyungang 222005,China;2.School of Automation,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
bearings-only track ing firs-t range partit ion extended Kalman f ilter initial value of state
Extended K alm an filter ( EKF ) is app lied to design the eng ineering algorithm for bearings- on ly tracking. The prior range region is d iv ided in to a number of smaller cells treated as in itia-l range. The ratios o f relative ve loc ity betw een target and observer to in itia-l range are est imated by the group o fEKF filterw h ile observer travels w ith constant ve loc ity. U t ilizing a sequence o f new measuremen ts co llected by a manoeuvre observer, the group of filters estim ate the target mo tion param eters. The ir probab ility of density function is updated according to B ayesian rule. The inf luence o f error can be allev iated and the rat io o f convergence can be increased due tomeasurements collected by the fixed observer in initial value of state. The algorithm accords w ith the need o f eng ineering that can calcu la te rea l time and possesses para llel.


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