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Identification of Distributed Parameter Systems Based on Wavelet Transform of Differential Operators


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Identification of Distributed Parameter Systems Based on Wavelet Transform of Differential Operators
DOU Lei1WANG Zhi-quan2WANG Qin-you2
1.National Key Laboratory of Transient Physics,2.School of Automation,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
distributed param eter system s identif ication differential operators w ave let transform
B ased on the exact and explic it representations of differential operators in orthonormal bases of compactly supported w ave lets, th is paper presents an ident ification method for distributed parameter systems ( DPS) . Them atrix representations are obta ined by pro ject ing differential operators onto w ave let space. The proposed method translates DPS into lumped parameter systems. Ident ificat ion can bemade w ith the algorithm o f least square parameter estimat ion. The comp lex ity o f computation decreases because boundary cond itions and initial condit ions need little considerat ion. Numerical experiments are perform ed based on thew ave let o fDaubechies ( db1) and the results are accurate even w ith very low level ofw ave let decomposition.


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