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Speech Pitch Detection Algorithm Based on Modified Cepstrum Model


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Speech Pitch Detection Algorithm Based on Modified Cepstrum Model
ZENG Yu-min12WU Zhen-yang1
1.School of Information Science and Engineering,Southeast University,Nanjing 210096,China;2.School of Physics and Technology,Nanjing Normal University,Nanjing 210097,China
pitch cepstrum linear pred ictive cod ing pred ictive pesidua l
An improved speech pitch detect ion a lgorithm based on mod if ied cepstrum model is proposed. In the proposed algorithm, a ten-order LPC ( linear predictive coding ) analysis is performed on a segmented speech, and the segmented speech is f iltered by the inverse filter to g ive theLPC pred ict ive residua.l The cepstrum of the pred ict ive residual is calcu lated w ith the simp le method of the h igh frequency spectral components of DFT being set to zero. The pitch period o f the vo iced speech is extracted from the cepstrum of pred ict ive residua.l The simu lated p itch detection results show that the pitch extract ion error of the proposed a lgorithm is significantly low er than that of the conventional cepstrum based a lgorithm bo th for clean speech and d ifferent no isy speech. The performance o f the proposed algorithm is alsomuch better than that of the average magn itude difference funct ion based p itch detection algorithm and slightly better than that of the basic autocorrelat ion function based algorithm.


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