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3-D BRDF Statistical Modeling and Optimizing of Surfaces of Various Materials and Roughness


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3-D BRDF Statistical Modeling and Optimizing of Surfaces of Various Materials and Roughness
LI TieWU Zhen-senZENG Zhen-chao
1.School of Science,Xidian University,Xi’an 710071,China;2.Xi’an Institute of Electromechanical Information Technology,Xi’an 710065,China
b-i directional reflectance d istribut ion function ( BRDF) ligh t scattering rough surface genetic a lgorism simulated annea ling a lgorism opt im ization
A modified and smi plified five-parametermode l is presented based on Torrance-Sparrow mode. l Mu lt-i ang le b-i static data of surfaces o f various materials and roughness are fitted using this mode.l The resu lts o f the f ive-parametermodel are in good agreementw ith the expermi ental data, which is c lose to the results o f the tw o-dmi ensionalb-i directiona l reflectance distribution funct ion (BRDF) models. The five-parametermode l show s a good applicability to various surface roughness and different optica lmater-i als. Genetic a lgorithm and smi u lated annealing algorithm are used to optmi ise the parameters for the mode.l The five-parametermodel can be used to construct a 3-D BRDF distribution based on the spatial expermi ental data, whichmay providemore information of light scattering from rough surfaces.


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