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Unascertained Method for Reliability Allocation of Spaceborne Antenna Deployment Mechanism System


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Unascertained Method for Reliability Allocation of Spaceborne Antenna Deployment Mechanism System
LIANG Zhen-taoCHEN Jian-junHU Tai-bin
School of Electromechanical Engineering,Xidian University,Xi’an 710071,China
spaceborne antenna dep loymentmechanism re liability a llocation unascerta ined allocation method w eight a llocationm ethod
For the shortage of the system re liab ility data in the initial stages of the design o f spaceborne antenna deploymentm echan ism, a unascerta inedmethod for the system reliab ility allocat ion is proposed. Th isme thod is based on the w e ight a llocat ionm ethod. Through introducing the unascerta ined informat ion into the matrix o fw eight coe ff icients, a unascerta inedmode l for the reliab ility a-l locat ion of spaceborne antenna dep loyment mechan ism is bu il.t By the arithmetic operation ru les of unascertained rational number, the expression of unascerta ined w eight coeffic ient is derived. The reliab ility a llocation of a spaceborne antenna deploym entmechan ism is g iven as an example. The possible reliab ility values and fa ith deg rees of the system are obtained. The rationa lity and va lidity of the presented method are demonstrated.


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