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Arc Region Decomposition Based Local Path Plan in Complex Environment


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Arc Region Decomposition Based Local Path Plan in Complex Environment
CHENG Wei-mingTANG Zhen-minZHAO Chun-xiaLU Jian-fengLIU Hua-jun
School of Computer Science and Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
autonomous nav igation local path plan obstacle avo idance region decomposition
B ased on the k inem atics o f car-like veh icle, an arc reg ion decomposition based mo tion plan strategy is adopted to solve the problems like safety and rea-l t ime requiremen ts. Fuzzy sets describing the safety o f the arc region are constructed w ith a cost funtion to genenrate a loca lpath sta t-i fy ing k inematic constrain t o f themobile robo.t A ctual experiment show s that the resu lts are n ice and can fullfil the path plan ing quest of autonomous nav igation in comp lex env iromen.t


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