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Media File Replication Strategy Based on Access Statistics


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Media File Replication Strategy Based on Access Statistics
SONG Xiao-hua1HUANG He-qing2CAO Yuan-da1
1.School of Computer Science and Technology,Beijing Institute of Technology,Beijing 100081,China;2.North China Power Dispatching Transaction Center,Beijing 100053,China
clusters Zipf d istribut ion file replicat ion replica creat ion load ba lance
This paper uses statistica lmethod to pred ict the popu larity of the files based on the access statistics and decides on the number o f the replicas according to the popu larity and the attributes of the file. Tak ing the attributes o f different servers into accoun,t the rep lica is placed on the co rresponding servers by themeans of dynam ic intervalmapping. The exper imenta l results show that th is replication strategy improves the performance and assures the load balance.


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