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Fire Accident of Flammable Material and Its Prevention in Tunnel


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Fire Accident of Flammable Material and Its Prevention in Tunnel
LU Zhong-bing1DING Jue2LI Ping2
1.School of Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.Shanghai Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics,Shanghai Institute,Shanghai 200072,China
flammablem aterials fire accident tunnels prevention
For the f ire acc ident in the flammable materials transportation, tw o-phase-coup led Euler-i an-Lagrangian mode l and particle stochasticmodel are established, and a numerica l simulation of fire acc ident o f leakage of the truck filled w ith liquef ied propane in tunnel is conducted based on the componentm ixture fract ionmode.l The computed results g ive the d istribution of flow temperature in tunne .l A ccording to the theory of Safety System Engineering, fire caused by tw o-phase dispersion of propane re lease in the tunnel is studied, and the prevent ion measures are presented comb ining humanmach ine-env ironment theory, wh ich g ives theoritical basis o f predicting fire acc ident and d irecting urgency succor.


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