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Design of Fast Fault Diagnosis Real-time Data Platform by OPC Technology


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Design of Fast Fault Diagnosis Real-time Data Platform by OPC Technology
WANG Shu-bin12HAN Xiao-dong1WANG Zhi-quan1BO Yingchun2
1.School of Automation,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.College of Information andControl Engineering,China University of Petroleum,Dongying 257062,China
rea-l time data platform fault d iagnosis fau lt tolerant control even-t bus
For the implementation of fast fault d iagnosis, amethod of designing the d istributed fault tolerant con tro l rea-l t ime data platform using OPC( object linking and embedd ing for process con tro l) techno logy is presented. A rea-l t ime fast fau lt diagnosis modu le is estab lished, and the fault d iagnosis funct ion is done by the correspondingmodule. The result o f the fau lt diagnosis is used as the input of the real t ime optim al advanced contro lmodu le. Contro l reconstruct ion or contro l law recon figurat ion is made. Event bus increases the response time. The experimental results show that the p la-t fo rm can improve the de tect ion ratio and tim e of the fau lt d iagnosis.


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