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Hybrid Selection Mechanism for Web Services Based on Semantic Matching


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Hybrid Selection Mechanism for Web Services Based on Semantic Matching
School of Computer Science and Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
W eb serv ices sem anticm atch ing quality of service hybrid se lect ion fo r serv ices
In order to se lect the optimum Web serv ices formeeting the requ irem ents o f users, a hybrid selection strategy that g ives attention to semant ic matching and qua lity of serv ice( QoS ) attribu tes is proposed forWeb serv ices, especially for serv ice composit ion, and a fram ework is ana lyzed acco rd ing ly. In th is strategy, cand idate serv ices set is se lected w hich meets the semant icmatch ing, and then the optimum serv ice wh ich has the best QoS attribu te values is chosen from the cand idate services se.t The a lgorithm is presented based on the hybrid select ion strategy corresponding ly, and some contro l structures are ana lyzed. The hybrid se lect ion approach fu lfils the function demand and non-function dem and ofW eb serv ices. It improves the va lid ity and usability o fW eb serv ices and facilitates the application ofWeb services.


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