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Method of Machine Tool Selection in Reconfiguration of Manufacturing System


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Method of Machine Tool Selection in Reconfiguration of Manufacturing System
QI Ji-yang12ZHU Chang-an2
1.CIMS Institute,Hefei University of Technology,Hefei 230009,China;2.Department of Precision Machinery and Precision Instrumentation,University of Science andTechnology of China,Hefei 230026,China
mach ine too l se lect ion fuzzy analyt ic h ierarchy process membership fuzzy operator
In order to put forw ard an effic ient w ay to select the most appropriate mach ine tools among the alternative acco rd ing to the product ion task, the paper constructs a comprehensive eva luat ionmode l for m ach ine tool se lection. Fuzzy analyt ic hierarchy process is used to determ ine the w e ight of the criteria on accoun t o f the fuzziness o f the information. The d ifferent w ays to determ ine the membership o f the alternative w ith respect to qua litat ive and quant itat ive criteria are d iscussed respective ly. D ifferent fuzzy operator represents different in format ion hand ling principles. If one a-l gorithm is used, som e informa tion is lost and deviat ion is inevitab le. In the paper, a two-grade fuzzy synthetic eva luation system is developed, wh ich can decrease the dev iation g reat ly. In the process o f the eva luation, f ive different fuzzy a lgorithms are used to eva luate the a lterna tive synthet ically, and their reliab ilities are o rdered accord ing to the principle of least squares method. Three fuzzy algorithm sw h ich have higher reliabilit ies are se lected, and the ir results are synthesized w ith a simple w e ighted addition to improve the re liab ility o f the eva luation. The e ffectiveness o f the w ay is demonstrated by an example. The evaluationmodel formachine too l selection put forw ard in the paper pro_x00C_南 京 理 工 大 学 学 报第31卷第6期vides an effectivew ay of se lecting machine tools in the reconfigurat ion of themanufacturing system.


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