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Tow-step Analysis of Tensile Behaviors of Unidirectional Hybrid Composites


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Tow-step Analysis of Tensile Behaviors of Unidirectional Hybrid Composites
ZHAO Qian12WANG Shan-yuan2
1.College of Textiles,Donghua University,Shanghai 200051,China;2.Sinoma Science and Technology Co.Ltd.,Nanjing 210012,China
hybrid composites shear-lagmodel Monte-C arlo method tensile behav io r
To study the hybrid effects, a tw o-step 3-D shear-lagmode l fo r hybrid unidirect iona l composites is suggested. The first stepmodel is de fined as tw o-phase tow system constructed by fiber and matrix. The second stepmodel is defined as un idirectional hybrid composite system composed o f tw o ( ormore than tw o) types o f tow s. Based onMonte-C arlo simu la tion, the streng th estimation o f fiber is statistica lly described by the two-parameterW e ibu ll distribu tion. This model is adopted in tensile behav io r investigation of un id irectional carbon /g lass hybrid composite bars in wh ich carbon tow s distribute coax ia lly and d ispersedly respective ly. The numerica l simulation results agree w e llw ith the experimen tal resu lts. The study revea ls that the second damage is obvious when the vo lume fraction of carbon fiber is equa l or less than 5%.


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