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Factors Affecting the ANAMMOX Process under Low Ammonia Concentration


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Factors Affecting the ANAMMOX Process under Low Ammonia Concentration
CAO Jia-shun1WANG Chao1CAI Juan2
1.Key Laboratory of Integrated Regulation and Resource Development on Shallow Lakes,Ministry of Education,Hohai University,Nanjing 210098, China;2.Environmental Science Research and Design Institute of Zhejiang Province,Hangzhou 310007,China
ANaerobic AMM onium OX idation low concen trat ion o f ammonia b io log ical n itrogen remova l
In order to so lve the nitrogen removal prob lem o f the w astewater wh ich conta ins low concentration o f ammon ium and insufficient b iodegradable carbon in China, sequencing batch reactor ( SBR) is adopted to study the pathway and the influencing factors of theAN aerobicAMMon ium OX-i dation(ANAMMOX ) react ion under low ammon ia concentrat ion. Supplied w ith synthetic w astew ater, after 5months of continuous anaerobic operation, theANAMMOX reactor is successfully set up, reach ing a good performance w ith ammon ia and nitrite removal effic iencies of 94. 5% and 97. 4%. The factors affect ing the ANAMMOX process are investigated and their optima l contro l ranges are determ ined. The resu lts ind icate that the appropriate ranges of pH, temperature and COD are 7. 5~ 8. 0, 30 ~ 35e and 0~ 50mg /L respective ly in the low concentration of ammon ia of 12 mg /L. The ANAM_x00C_南 京 理 工 大 学 学 报第31卷第6期MOX process prov ides a new approach to treat wastew aterw ith low ammon ia concentration in China.


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