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Analysis of Effects of Filling Coefficients on Pulse Detonation Engine Performance


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Analysis of Effects of Filling Coefficients on Pulse Detonation Engine Performance
WANG Jie1LIU Jian-guo2BAI Qiao-dong1WENG Chun-sheng1
1.School of Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.Inner Mongolia North Heavy Industries Group,Baotou 014033,China
conservation element and solution element method pulse detonation engine filling coefficients numerical calculation
The numerical method of the space-time conservation element and solution element(CE/SE) is deduced to simulate the interior flow of pulse detonation engine(PDE) with different filling coefficients.It shows that the CE/SE method is a preferable simulation way to capture the detonation wave efficiently.The calculation results show that the filling coefficients have great effects on PDE performance.As filling coefficients are increased,the average thrust becomes higher,and the impulse gets higher.Decreasing filling coefficients can increase fuel efficiency.All these results help to improve the PDE performance.


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