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Simulation of Fluid Field Around Deformed Droplet Induced by Shock


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Simulation of Fluid Field Around Deformed Droplet Induced by Shock
DENG Shu-shengGENG Ji-huiTAN Jun-jieYE Jing-fang
School of Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
boundary edge splitting boundary edge merging unstructured mesh moving boundary deformed droplet
Unstructured mesh generation technique is investigated for two dimensional flow with free-surface.Delaunay method and local advancing front approaches are used to cope with element deformation around moving boundaries.Boundary edge splitting and merging approach are proposed to optimize the distribution of boundary points.Qualities of local regenerated elements increase.Numerical examples of flow around deformed droplet induced by shock indicate the validity and robustness of the developed methods.


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