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Model and Analysis of Melt-lubrication Between Band and Tube with Oil on Gun Internal Surface


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Model and Analysis of Melt-lubrication Between Band and Tube with Oil on Gun Internal Surface
PENG Zhi-guo1ZHOU Yan-huang1QI Li-ting12
1.School of Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.Nanjing Automotive Research Institute,Nanjing 210028,China
guns band melt lubrication
This paper establishes a mathematical model of melt-lubrication between band and gun tube with oil on the bore interface.Through numerical calculation,the velocily and the thickness of band melt-liquid are given and the influences of friction coefficients are calculated.The calculation results approximately accord with experimental results.The results show that the friction coefficients of the first round projectile are the same as those of the latter rounds after a few distance,but the first one is larger than the latter one when the projectile starts moving.It is an important factor that makes first round velocity higher and range further.The model can be applied in interior ballistic calculation and helps to understand the friction and the grip resistance mechanism on coercive sliding.This paper provides theoretical references about how the oil influences projectile velocity.


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