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Robust Trajectory Tracking of Wheeled Mobile Robots Moving on Uncertain Uneven Surface


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Robust Trajectory Tracking of Wheeled Mobile Robots Moving on Uncertain Uneven Surface
DONG Guo-hua1ZHU Xiao-cai1LIU Zhen1CAI Zi-xing2HU De-wen1
1.School of Mechatronics and Automation,National University of Defense Technology,Changsha 410073,China;2.School of Information Science and Engineering,Central South University,Changsha 410083,China
wheeled mobile robots transverse function robust control trajectory tracking uncertain surface
Robust control laws are proposed for the trajectory tracking problem of wheeled mobile robots moving on a uncertain uneven surface,and the stability of the colsed-loop system is proved.Quadratic surfaces with unknown but bounded coefficients are utilized to locally approximate the uneven surfaces.A bounded transverse function is constructed to derive smooth nominal tracking control laws.The control laws are extended to the dynamic system with integrator backstepping.They are robustified by using Lyapunov redesign technique to handle the disturbance of the gravity caused by uneven surfaces.Driven by the proposed control laws,the wheeled mobile robots have the ability of adaptation to varying uneven surface condition.Some simulations are provided to validate the effectiveness of the control laws.


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