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Design and Research of Centralized Lock-unlock Mechanism for Space-arm


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Design and Research of Centralized Lock-unlock Mechanism for Space-arm
WU Bing-huiDENG Zong-quanTAO Jian-guoWU Xiang
School of Mechatronic Engineering,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150001,China
crankshafts slider-crank mechanism lock-unlock mechanism model analysis
According to the locking and unlocking requirements of space-arm,a lock-unlock mechanism for space-arm is proposed.A centralized lock-unlock plan is adopted to utilize the limited working space on the satellite effectively and to lower the mass of the lock-unlock mechanism.Several slider-crank mechanisms are driven by one crankshaft to realize the unlocking process simultaneously.A three-dimensional model of the lock-unlock mechanism is built up with the software Pro/E,and a structure design of key parts in the crank-slider mechanism is presented.A model analysis of the crankshaft is accomplished with ANSYS.The modal analysis reveals that the proper supports of the crankshaft enhance its inherent frequency to meet the severe launching condition.


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