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Image Steganogrphic Algorithm Based on Zerotrees of DCT Coefficients


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Image Steganogrphic Algorithm Based on Zerotrees of DCT Coefficients
SUN Zi-wenJI Zhi-cheng
School of Communication and Control Engineering,Jiangnan University,Wuxi 214122,China
zerotrees discrete cosine transform coefficients histograms blocking effect steganographic algorithm robustness
Based on zerotrees of the discrete cosine transform(DCT) coefficients,a novel image steganographic algorithm is presented.By interchanging tow coefficients of middle to low frequency in a DCT domain block,the number of DCT zerotrees is changed.According to the parity of number of zerotrees the secrete message is embeded and extracted.The simulation results show that the steganographic algorithm is robust against JPEG compression,the DCT coefficients histogram can be protected,and the blocking effect can be avoided efficiently,so the algorithm can deffend against χ2-test.The secrete message can be extracted exactly and blindly.


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