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Measurement of Flight Object’s Moment of Inertia Using Torsion Pendulum


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Measurement of Flight Object’s Moment of Inertia Using Torsion Pendulum
TANG Wen-yanLI Hui-pengZHANG Chun-fu
School of Electrical Engineering and Automation,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150001,China
moment of inertia product of inertia flight objects torsion pendulum
A large measurement system of moment of inertia based on air-hovered turn-table is developed according to the theory of testing moment of inertia using torsion pendulum.A deployable measure arm is presented,which realizes the measurement of flight object’s moment of inertia and product of inertia relative to three axes by using only one process of installation based on the theory of arbitrary axis,so the positioning errors as a result of repetitious installations are reduced effectively.With the introduction of air-hovered turn-table,the influence of friction force on the cycle of torsion pendulum in the process of swing is reduced.The experimental results show that the relative error is limited within 0.07% in measuring moment of inertia.The measuring efficiency is three times as large as the former due to using deployable measure arm.


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