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Skew Document Image Detection Based on Edge Enhancement Algorithms


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Skew Document Image Detection Based on Edge Enhancement Algorithms
JIN CongWEI Zhi-laiYANG Jing-yu
School of Computer Science and Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
page image image processing skew detection edge enhancement
Several transform operators are defined to deal with the skew of digital document image.In the procedure,pretreated binary skew image is processed by these operators.The transformed image ignores the detailed feature contained in the original image,while the direction tendency of layout edge is well presented.The original edge information is represented by the transformed image block.The layout edge is enhanced in the image block,and this makes it easy to detect the skew degree of original image.Typical layout images are processed by this algorithm,and the statistical result of skew detection is also presented.


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