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Distributed Data Scheduling Based on Heuristic Mechanism in Wireless OFDMA Networks


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Distributed Data Scheduling Based on Heuristic Mechanism in Wireless OFDMA Networks
SUN Li-xin1GUO Kun-qi2YU Xiao-yang1JIA Shi-lou3WANG Mu-kun1
1.School of Measurement and Control Technology and Communication Engineering,Harbin University ofScience and Technology,Harbin 150080,China;2.Shanghai Research Center for Wireless Communications,Shanghai 200050,China;3.Communication Research Center,Harbin
OFDMA data scheduling fairness joint layer
By formulating the optimization of data scheduling in wireless OFDMA Ad-hoc networks as the constrained optimization of joint layer resource allocation,a distributed scheduling algorithm(DSA) with heuristic mechanism is proposed based on the optimization model.The proposed algorithm selects a sub-carrier for each link according to the condition information of local sub-carrier condition while protecting the effectiveness of selecting sub-carrier by the method using stochastic probability.Simulation results show: compared with other conventional methods,the proposed algorithm achieves the better effectiveness and the global fairness is improved by varying the probability threshold of DSA for sub-carrier selection.


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