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Analysis and Design of Peano Fractal Monopole Antenna in UHF Band


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Analysis and Design of Peano Fractal Monopole Antenna in UHF Band
YU Yan-minTANG Yi-mingWU Wen
School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
Peano fractal structure wideband miniaturization monopole antenna
To compress the dimension of the monopole antenna and to enhance its impedance bandwidth,this paper presents a technique of loading printed Peano fractal structure and posts to the top of the monopole antenna.The geometrical structure of the printed Peano fractal monopole antenna is simple and is easy to be realized.Its impedance bandwidth is wider without additional impedance matching network.The effects of the order of fractal curve,the dimension of ground plane,the width of microstrip line,the thickness of post and the height of the antenna are analyzed.Printed Peano fractal monopole antennas in UHF band are designed and fabricated.The simulated and measured data show that the relative impedance bandwidth(voltage standing wave ratio is less than 2) of the antenna achieves 14.1% and the electrical length of the antenna is only λmax/14.


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