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Treatment of Hydrogen Sulfide Odor by Bio-trickling Filter


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Treatment of Hydrogen Sulfide Odor by Bio-trickling Filter
ZHANG Lan-he12WANG Qun-hui1JIAO Zhong-zhi13XIE Wei-min1XIA Bo1
1.School of Municipal and Environmental Engineering,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150090,China;2.School of Chemical Engineering,Northeast Dianli University,Jilin 132012,China;3.Department of Linyi Construction,Linyi 276000,China
bio-trickling filter odor hydrogen sulfide stuffing
In order to dispose of H2S odor pollution,a long-term lab-scale deodorization experiment is carried out continuously by bio-trickling filter packed with ZX01 stuffing.The results show that the removal efficiency of H2S is nearly 100% and the optimum gas retention time is 30 s when inlet concentration of H2S is 300 mg/m3.Metabolism product of H2S is mainly composed of SO42-.The bio-reactor is not blocked in the experiment in which the resistance is maintained at lower value.The bio-trickling filter needs not carry out a back washing frequently,and it can be operated steadily for a long term.


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